Sean Fox, 17, Newcastle, Australia.

I like food,
I like clothes,
I like cigarettes,
I like sex,
I like animals,
I like girls,
I like water,
I like smoke,
I like fire,
I like pizza,
I like mexican,
I like music,
I like kissing,
I like bums,
I like girls,
I like scenery,
I like adventuring,
I like movies,
I like cars,
I like clothes,
I like tree's,
I like travelling,
"My life's a mess but at least I've got a good blog"

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To be honest I couldn’t give less of a fuck if my blog isn’t what you want it to be. If I like what I post, then that’s all that should matter. People who are too obsessed with gaining followers lose the point of tumblr. It’s about expressing yourself through pictures, words, and messages. Tumblr shouldn’t be about who has the most followers, or who has the most notes, it’s about posting things that you want to post, not posting things to please other people. 

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